Hello there,

Today is my 1st birthday of officially running Elkie Wild Art. Today I was at the Hadleigh Feoffment Craft Fair in the Town Hall. This was the first ever craft fair that I did a year a go, so I wanted to share a few pictures with you from then and some I took today. 





Things have progressed a lot in a year! I now have a wider range of designs, and have put my artwork on a range of gifts: cushions, canvas bags, keyrings, magnets and postcards, not forgetting my original prints and cards that I did a year a go.



I am now a stockist of the American Prismacolor Premier Coloured Pencils. I have been using these pencils for 10 years now and they are my staple pencils that I use for all my drawings. I have recently also created my own 'pastels' and 'brights' pencil sets: 10 assorted colours with a free wooden box. I am hoping the tones compliment each other and would be perfect for the adult colouring-in craze!


Elkie Wild Art is owned and ran by Emma L. Kerridge.

Emma is a coloured pencil and alcohol ink artist, specialising in wildlife and nature inspired pieces.

Emma also owns the Coloured Pencil Shop, specialising in the sale of open-stock professional coloured pencils, sending to all over the world.

Visit www.colouredpencil.shop to find out more.

Please do get in touch - she'd love to hear from you.

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